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Cast as The Angel of the Lord (Jesus Christ)
(First African American actor to ever portray this role in the company)

Sight and Sound Theatre/ March 12, 2016- December 31, 2016/ Directed by Jeff Bender

The world's first superhero ... the strongest man who ever lived.... He killed a lion with his bare hands and defeated a thousand soldiers ... but he's not a hero because of the strength of his hands, he's a hero because of the faith in his heart! One of the most captivating stories in the Bible, SAMSON is filled with colorful characters, extraordinary feats of strength, and amazing special effects that your whole family will love. When Samson stands between two colossal columns in a godless temple and starts to push - it's an immersive scene that literally brings the house down! A message of hope for the wayward, comfort to the weary and the incredible grace of God that enables us to truly be strong in Him!


Carry Me Home: A Remember America Film
Featured Role as The Spiritual Singer

Released July 13, 2016/ LampHouse Films/ Directed by Joshua Henry


Carry Me Home is a short film following the true story of Maria Ennals and her family. Maria is a young mother trapped in slavery who seizes the opportunity to escape when she encounters Harriet Tubman in the woods. Harriet leads Maria and her family through a number of trials causing them all to question whether or not freedom is worth the price they must pay to obtain it.

Miracle of Christmas
Cast as Gabriel
(First African American actor to ever portray this role in the company)

Sight and Sound Theatre /November 3, 2015- January 2, 2016/ Directed by Wally Calderon


After decades of crushing Roman rule, the Hebrew people are losing hope. When will the promised Messiah come? Into the midst of this turmoil, young Mary is told she will bear God's son. Angels in heaven proclaim his birth; humble shepherds and regal kings pay him homage. Clearly this is no ordinary child! But who is he - really? Is he the Messiah, our Savior? Who can even believe such a thing! Witness the story that is central to the season, brought to life with high drama, awe-inspiring special effects and live animals. Rejoice with your whole family as the true meaning of Christmas unfolds right before your eyes!

Cast as Nadeem (US) and Swing (Brothers)

Sight and Sound Theatres / May 22-October 17, 2015 / Directed by Dan Deal


Of all the characters in the Bible, perhaps Joseph is the best parallel to the character of Jesus. During a time of an "eye-for-an-eye and tooth-for-a-tooth" mentality, Joseph's story of forgiveness and integrity has made this Bible story a timeless truth, inspiring generations of men and women to walk upright in the midst of great temptation. Sight & Sound's depiction of this classic story magnifies the many qualities that make Joseph appeal to people of all ages.


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